3 Essential Steps in Kickstarting Your Homeschooling

Erika Adriano

Now that your family decided to homeschool, probably the next steps are still kind of blurry, right? Let us help you by sharing some simple steps you can know as you start to learn together as a family:

  1. Continuously understand your role as a parent-educator and love your children to Jesus.

Homeschooling is synonymous to intentional parenting because you now take the lead on your child’s education which comprises the chunk of his/her formative years. This not only includes the book content part but lesson of life, character, experiences, and skills. Being with your child 24/7 means maximizing the time of learning and growing together. There will be difficult moments, hence the cushion is by always loving them to Jesus, who is our ultimate source (1 John 4:19).

  1. Make your home conducive for learning.

Set a portion of your house for homeschooling wherein you can place your books and materials.This doesn’t have to be a big area or a separate room, just a simple area which you homeschoolers can recognize as their learning space. Be the facilitator of learning as you discuss scheduling, homeschool rules, and lessons for the day/week. We also encourage you to invest in reading materials, curriculum supplement, learning manipulatives, and board games for worthwhile play and creativity. It is now also easy to maximize technology as a learning resource or you can outsource instruction when necessary. 

  1. Customize the learning experience.

The beauty of homeschooling is being able to provide “out-of-the-box” learning experiences to your children. Recognizing the learning style of your child is a breakthrough for every parent. Does he/she learn best by listening, through pictures and  graphs, or by manipulating materials? Is he/she a good learner and is able to communicate her thoughts well? Learning experiences can be prepared to custom-fit your child’s needs and goals. You may try to explore different curriculums, performing arts classes, sports activities, coding programs, speech classes, and so much more for a holistic learning experience.

Homeschooling is a journey your entire family will take one step at a time. Some days you’ll have big leaps but there will be days of little steps as well. Keep the joy of learning and teaching every step of the way. 

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