8 Ways Your Homeschooled Kid Can Make Friends

KB Meniado

The myth about homeschooled children having difficulty socializing has become a non-issue over the years. Now, it’s simply the question of how and where they can enjoy social activities outside of their bubble, which is easily fixable. From playgrounds and parks to grocery shops and libraries, children who study at home with their parents can find friends everywhere and anywhere. They can even regularly socialize in two ways: vertically, meaning with older and younger people, and horizontally, as in others who are the same age as them. Here are eight foolproof ways for your homeschooler to make friends!

  1. Getting to know the neighbors.

Simply waving hello next door can forge possibly long-time friendships, and who even knows, the parents there might have homeschooled children too. Setting up playdates are not only made easier—the adults can take a break and bond with each other as well!

  1. Participating in the community.

Many community-based organizations often host events, projects, and seminars that are targeted to kids. The themes can range from arts and science down to environmental and even pageantry-based. Homeschooled children have easy access, and with smart scheduling, it wouldn’t be far-fetched for them to thrive in even the most quirky niches.

  1. Enrolling to skill-honing classes.

Sports, music, sports, baking, sewing, designing, illustrating—the list seems endless! Not only will the children learn, but they can also very well bring these skills home and apply at home, which will surely benefit the whole family.

  1. Signing up for hobby-related workshops.

Similar to skills class, camps, conferences and workshops that focus on an interest is also a fantastic option. There, homeschooled kids meet and interact with a variety of people in a stimulating environment, in turn contributing to the improvement of their social skills.

  1. Volunteering in outreach centers or at the church.

Ensuring that children grow a good heart in service of others is said to be one of the priorities of homeschooling parents, and what better way is there to help foster this? Volunteering, of course. Opportunities can be found within communities, the church, or in specific establishments like outreach centers.

  1. Becoming a member of a group.

One privilege HG has been blessed with is a thriving community of homeschooling families around the world. Joining an HG Learn Group is a wonderful opportunity for our homeschool families to become more steadfast in their homeschooling—there’s great support, heartfelt camaraderie, and bustling activity. For students from sixth until twelfth grade, there’s also High Unite, which will ensure you that they are around positive influences and engaging in worthwhile things, as they navigate their adolescent years.

  1. Getting a part-time job.

Homeschooled kids at the right age and with the necessary parental consent can opt to apply for part-time jobs, be that in a proper company or otherwise. Time permitting, parents can even encourage them to engage in simple yet productive endeavors, such as baby-sitting, dog-walking, or assisting in shops, in order to help develop their life skills.

  1. Establishing online connections.

All work and no play can make one dull, so the saying goes, and so aside from using them for projects, homeschooled kids can also utilize their digital platforms to make friends. Social media chats and video calls are the two most popular ways in strengthening social ties.

But as you ensure your child’s peer socialization skills are thriving, don’t forget to also take advantage of your homeschool season to establish a great influence in your child’s life. Something that will come in handy as he/she gets older and faces tougher life choices—you’ll be able to help him/her better, as he/she holds your advice in high regard.

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