This program’s homeschooling aspect cultivates your child’s unique learning style because of its customizability, while the conventional school classes provide a solid on-campus and peer-to-peer learning experience. Homeschoolers learn better as they get reinforcement for key subjects from academic teaching specialists, use top-level school facilities, and are immersed in more interactive scenarios with fellow students.
Once or Twice a week Classes with Subject Specialist Teachers

International school facilities

 Class Adviser support

High quality curriculum

Records and Support

Top-notch Accreditation

 Learn Group

 Quarterly Parent-Teacher Assemblies (online/on site)

 High Unite

HG PLUS (Parent Level Up Seminars)

 Access to exclusive HG events (Graduation, Student Summit, Purity Ball, student camps)

 Community Acquaintance Fair

 Family Sports Day

 One HG Thanksgiving