"We've been homeschooling for 16 years now. Homeschooling really worked for us, the flexibility of it all, the adaptability it created in our children. We are blessed to have a support system in our HG community."

"With homeschooling, you're on life-mode all the time and the education aspect is part of life. It's seamless, because you're setting your mind always ready to take something in."

"Our parents, through homeschooling, instilled in us the desire to do what is right and what is best in order to honor God and we just enjoyed learning."

"What we appreciate the most being enrolled in HG is the meeting with advisors. We've been so blessed by our advisors, you can really feel their sincerity and wanting to really help your homeschooling journey."

"After just a year of homeschooling, my daughters have grown both in academics and in character. They enjoy learning much more now and because of the flexibility in time, they also had the chance to hone more skills and explore new interests."

"Homeschooling developed my love for learning, even beyond academics. It gave me more time to focus and improve on my craft, which is music!"

"Being homeschooled was so worth it. In homeschool, I learned something that really helped me in college: If you don't succeed, try and try again. That helped me be resilient when I was in UP."

"Homeschooling helped us have more time together as a family. And since we are not rushed, I have more to explain things to them until they really get them and that makes learning more fun."

"Homeschooling helped me be better disciplined in achieving my goals. If not for HG, I probably wouldn’t be in NYU Shanghai, the most rigorous amongst the NYU campuses in terms of academics for STEM."

"Homeschooling surrounded me with positive influences, young men and women who are driven and responsible. Together, we were able to help even more homeschoolers.

What Research Says About How Children Learn

They have a teacher who is available to provide feedback and encouragement.
They have opportunities to pursue their interests.
They can make choices and decisions about their learning.
The work they are asked to do is matched with what they are ready to learn.
They can experience what they are studying firsthand.

Break free from the system that’s keeping
your children from flourishing to their full potential

21st Century Skills

Flexible Learning

Value Formation

Topnotch Academics

Strong Parent Child Relationship

The Power To Choose Is

We're here to provide you with convenient, effective solutions

Over the last 20 years, we have helped more than 12,000 families
enjoy solid personalized education options that helped their
children succeed, no matter their goal or area of interest.

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hg by the numbers

HG (then TMA Homeschool) was the 1st project under the Philippine Department of Education’s pioneering Home Education Program (HEP).

The Homeschool Global team is composed of seasoned homeschoolers, academicians, and experienced corporate professionals from all over the world who are passionate about helping families tailor-fit their children’s education. Sitting in our advisory council are 2 pioneering homeschool moms from the US and the Philippines, respectively, Dr. Debra Bell and Deonna Tan-Chi.

There are 123 learn groups worldwide within the Homeschool Global community, bridging families together to collaborate and encourage each other as they go along this journey.

While HG is proudly homegrown in the Philippines, we are privileged to walk alongside families living across 30 other countries around the world such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, South Korea, Armenia, The United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, the United States of America, and Canada.

It has been 20 years since this movement of empowering families to help their children achieve true success through world-class, homebased, parent-led education began.

Families all over the world are serviced through 8 hubs internationally, with six hubs in the Philippines (Alabang, Baguio, Roces, Ortigas, Imus, and Cebu) and two hubs in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi).

HG parents are equipped to become the best educators for their children through 14 training workshops, that range from a big picture discussion of the homeschool year and best homeschool practices, to in-depth modules on each essential skill for every aspect of the homeschool life.

hg moms share how homeschooling helps them pursue what matters

universities where hg graduates pursued higher education

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The Master’s Academy is a non-profit, non-stock institution which caters to the educational needs of children from pre-school to junior high school. The school was established to serve as a catalyst in the transformation of our society by grounding the children in the Word of God and by providing them quality education through excellent instruction and facilities.

Established in 2000, VCIS exists to provide basic and college preparatory education with an emphasis on Christian character, academic excellence, and leadership development. It offers a conventional school program that utilizes learning labs, project-based learning, and a versatile learning management system for a more in-depth and holistic educational experience and Hybrid Learning, a supplemental program for homeschoolers that enhances their educational journey by giving them access to the best of the traditional school set-up alongside homeschooling.

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Organized as a bona-fide church-operated educational institution, Wellspring Christian Family Schools provides the academic and administrative structure to lawfully provide academic supervision and viable student transcripts for students who are taught at home, or in a nontraditional environment.. The unique aspect of the WCFS program is our combination of Biblical philosophy of parental roles in education with a nationally-recognized administrative system.