Homeschool Global Philippines

A pioneer in the Philippine homeschooling space, Homeschool Global empowers families to pursue what matters through flexible and personalized education. For 23 years now, HG has been the ally of families all over the world in giving their children holistic educationno matter his/her learning style, needs, gifts, and the family’s lifestyle 

Anchored on a solid academic foundation with a strong character formation thrust, our programs are developed help your child flourish holisticallyWhether what matters to you is giving your children a stable future, opening up avenues for their skills and talents to be recognized, giving them opportunities that would allow them to explore learning beyond the confines of conventional schooling, building stronger relationships with them, surrounding them with better peer influences, or even anything in between, HG will guide you every step of the way. 


Homeschool Global’s beginnings can be traced back to the founding of The Master’s Academy (TMA) in 1997. In 1999, HG, through its partner school TMA, became the pioneering Home Education Program (HEP) in the Philippines as awarded by the Department of Education after a year of piloting the HEP program. Homeschool Global is also affiliated with premier US-based homeschool provider Wellspring to allow US accreditation, enabling a seamless acceptance to US schools. This is particularly beneficial to gifted local sports talents who want to pursue sports scholarships in premier US colleges.

In the Middle East, HG has homes in DubaiAbu Dhabi, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, all of which are fully equipped to enable parents and students residing in the Arabian Gulf to enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive services and local support. Our year-round activities and trainings are designed to empower your family in your homeschooling journey, for your children to learn most effectively. We’ve since had over 18,000 students in more than 30 countries around the world, from Pre-school to High School levels

Our Corporate Logo

Homeschool Global is focused on turning learning into a rich, worthwhile experience for their families. Our stylized round emblem alludes to the home as a safe and ideal environment for learning—books on all sides, windows and doors that open up to the best opportunities to learn, a roof of protection against the dangers of ignorance and misconceptions. The spherical shape is to emphasize our global reach—after all our families are found all over the world. By partnering with us you will have the power to homeschool anytime, anywhere in the world using the best curriculum available in whatever format you learning is better.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission that energizes us:

To help families all over the world achieve true success through world-class, parent-led, home-based
Christian education.

The vision that propels us forward:

To see countless families transformed by Jesus,
through homeschooling, impacting the world
through generations

Our Heart for Homeschooling

HOMESCHOOL GLOBAL LEARNING INC. empowers parents to pursue what matters through flexible and personalized education.


HOMESCHOOL GLOBAL LEARNING INC. is committed to (1) provide innovative educational programs and products that meet global quality standards, (2) delight parents through timely and relevant support, and (3) equip them to raise up generations rooted in Christ.


HOMESCHOOL GLOBAL LEARNING INC. management regularly reviews and validates all programs, products, and processes under its educational organization management system, which is supported by all its stakeholders.


HOMESCHOOL GLOBAL LEARNING committed to the protection of intellectual property rights, the continual improvement of all services and products, and social responsibility through education beyond its borders.

One 2 One, in partnership with

                                                                                             Each family that enrolls with HG will be matched with one orphaned, abandoned, or most vulnerable child and will get to make a difference in their life through our One2One Child Sponsorship Program. A part of your family’s tuition will sponsor their annual education, plus you have the opportunity to provide encouragement and build relationships with them through activities organized by HG and World Vision.

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