Homeschool Global Philippines

This is composed of academic services including accreditation, advisor support, assessment, curriculum options (available at
a separate fee) to choose from,
and records support.
Learn services are program-specific. There are seven programs you can choose from, each one intentionally designed to help your children learn effectively.

HG family community groups (“Learn Groups”) clustered by program, advisor, and location or grade level, get together for collaborative experiences. We also have a thriving online community platform that serves as a resource portal and interactive channel for families from all over the world. Students may join a variety of clubs and engage in exciting events organized by High Unite, HG's high school organization.

Enjoy virtual and on-site events where your children can showcase giftings, as well as your family can celebrate milestones with your HG peers and the larger HG community.

A suite of seminars focused on equipping you to become the best Teacher/Facilitator
for your child

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