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You may now upload your child's write-ups, photos, and video message through
the link below. Deadline for submission of all materials
is October 8, 5:00PM.

For your convenience, please use a laptop/desktop for uploading documents.

Kindly use this format in naming all the files you will submit: [MATERIAL] – [Grade Level] – Last Name, First Name
GRAD WRITEUP – Grade6 – Reyes, Ana Michelle
GRAD PHOTO – Grade6 – Reyes, Ana Michelle
GRAD VIDEO – Grade6 – Reyes, Ana Michelle

A. Parents’ Write-Up* (Kindly place it on a Microsoft Word file, along with the student write-up). Tell us about your child and your observations on his/her growth as a student and as a son/daughter. Please keep it between three to five (3 to 5) sentences. Ex. [Sample Name of Student Here] is a helpful and diligent student who excels in Math and Science. She also likes helping others through her Learn group and has made many friends along the way. But most importantly, she seeks the Lord in everything that she does that’s why we are very proud of her and her homeschooling journey.

B. Student Write-Up (Kindly place it on a Microsoft Word file, along with the parents’ write-up). This is the space for your child’s favorite homeschooling memory and learnings. Please keep it between three to five (3 to 5) sentences. To be used for yearbooks as well. Note that yearbooks will be produced once it’s safe for us to conduct an actual photoshoot, and graduation fee does not include yearbook fee. Example: I like homeschool because we can do activities that don’t make me bored. I also like it because my teacher is my mom. Homeschool was fun and it was not boring at all. I like homeschool because I don’t need to wake up early and walk to school. Because we study at home, I don’t need to go to the cafeteria to buy food. I can still eat even if I don’t have money because my mom cooks for us.

C. Graduation Photo. For precautionary measures, we will not be scheduling a photoshoot this year, instead, please give us your child’s preferred photo to be edited for the graduation proper. Preferred setting: White background/easy to crop background, please see below for pegs.

D. Student’s Message to Mom & Dad. A short video (30 seconds max) message of students honoring and thanking their parents. Please start the message with the lines in bold. Guide: My mom/dad is/are loving, understanding, and generous. I want to say that I love you, mom and dad! You are my role models! Thank you so much! Dimensions: Landscape, 1920 x 1080 | Video Format: MP4 or MOV