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Tech BJU-DLO is for parents who want to facilitate their child’s learning through a blended curriculum—a combination of tried and tested books and comprehensive videos that provide the primary instruction to the learner. Bob Jones University Press’ homeschool solution, Distance Learning Online, utilizes both printed and online materials to give your child a dynamic learning experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Distance Learning Online is a blended curriculum with instructional supplements from Bob Jones University Press.
– Online materials should be supported with printed books.
– Among the printed books are students’ worktexts and activity manuals.
– Built-in online materials are included: teacher’s edition, answer keys, instructional videos and online library. Videos range from five to 30 minutes long, depending on the subject matter.

As long as you have stable internet access, you can access DLO. While it is possible to take courses with dial-up connectivity, it will take a little longer for pages to load. You might want to print a few lessons and work offline. *Please take note that certain areas or computers may have firewalls and this could easily be avoided by switching areas or internet connection. DLO runs on various browsers with ease. Please make sure your browser has the latest updates before logging on to the portal (Google Chrome version 64 or higher, Firefox version 57 or higher,  Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11; for users of Internet Explorer on Windows 8, DLO must be operated on the Desktop version of Internet Explorer).

Yes, this is possible as long as supplementary materials are downloaded. Online materials are supplementary only to the printed books, and online books can be saved offline through the Bookshelf app.

Lessons are taught by subject specialist teachers and come in pre-recorded video form, which are available on the DLO platform which is accessible on virtually any device. The wonderful thing is, you and/or your child can determine the hours devoted in a day for his/her study, and the overall learning pace.

You have ten to twelve 10-12 months or 180 academic days to complete your academic year. But if you require a National Collegiate Athletic Association-accredited course for US college admission, then you only have ten (10) months to complete your academic year.

For Pre-K and Kinder, exams are not required. Parent-Teachers assess the child according to the activities provided in the DLO using a checklist. At the end of the School Year, the parent-teacher is required to fill out the report card and submit it to the Tech Support Advisor. 

For Grades 1 to 10, the parent-teacher provides at least five to six (5-6) quizzes with five to ten (5-10) items per quarter. Quizzes can be from the exercises/chapter tests provided in the student’s worktexts or it can also be given orally. The parent-teacher also grades the child’s cooperation during learning sessions such as answering questions, following instructions, and accomplishing assigned tasks. Projects and performance tasks are also required quarterly. Quarterly exams are done via our online platform, with schedules available upon request.

The Tech Support Advisor provides essential academic support (grading, online platform navigation, exams). You may  email, text, or call your Advisor should you have questions. Families under the Tech-BJU program also have midyear consultations. This serves as a checkpoint at the middle of the year. It is accountability time with your support advisor to validate your homeschooling journey. This is a 45-minute to an hour session that can happen live or online. These consultations should be booked at least one week ahead of time.

While BJU DLO is a US curriculum, Filipino and Araling Panlipunan books from local publishers are added for those under the DepEd accreditation.

All HG families are encouraged to join our exclusive Facebook community, Fams of HG, where we conduct free MAPE classes, share bonus learning content, and post general community updates to help both learner and parent-facilitator in their homeschooling journey.

Yes, you may hire a tutor to assist with homeschooling. The tutor may undergo the included training programs together with the parent.

HG also offers Online Group Tutorials in Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Social Studies for Grades 1 to 10 students under Touch, Tech – BJU, Tech – AOP, and Online Academy (PH and US accreditation) through the help of professional teachers. Good for one academic year (or 10
months), the tutorial will happen in a group setting wherein your child will join other students of the same grade level. There is a set mini-lesson for 15 minutes, but the majority of the time (35 minutes) is given for students to ask questions via chat while the teacher will discuss
these questions or finish with a check up game or activity if there are no questions.