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Parent-led learning is at its optimum with the Touch – Curated program. Customize your child’s curriculum as you deem fit, as a seasoned HG homeschool advisor walks alongside you every step of your journey. From kickstarting your homeschool year to finishing it up well, you can count on your advisor to give you guidance and encouragement, and HG to take care of all the administrative aspects of your homeschooling while also providing you with trainings to help you become the best parent-educator for your child. A Specialized Developmental Service for exceptional and challenged learners, The Learning Curve, is available auxiliary to Touch – Curated.


GRADE LEVELS OFFERED:  Nursery to Grade 12

ENROLLMENT CYCLES: PH: March, June, Sept / US: March, June, Sept, and Dec

ACCREDITATION: PH (Pre-K to Grade 12) / US (Pre-K to Grade 12)


TYPE OF CURRICULUM MATERIALS: Printed Books or Online Curriculum (BJU or AOP instructional videos, online library, virtual labs)

SUPPORT TYPE: Comprehensive homeschool support from a seasoned Advisor

ASSESSMENT TYPE: Quarterly Portfolio

ONLINE TESTING AND LEARNING ENHANCEMENT TOOL:  Grades 1 to 8: MobyMax/Grades 9 to 12: Stanford 10 & Labster

PARENT TRAININGS: Homeschool 101 up to 300 under the Parent-Teacher Certification Program


RECOMMENDED LEARNING TIME: Preschool: 1 to 3 hours/ Grade School: 3 to 5 hours /High School: 4 to 6 hours



SPECIALIZED DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICE (THE LEARNING CURVE): Optional, includes everything in Touch, plus: Specialized Academic Goal Setting, TLC Specialist, TLC Workshops, Option for developmentally modifiable approach to curriculum management
(Touch Program Fee + P35,000 TLC Program Fee)


Learn Groups

Fams of HG Online Community — Resource and Classes Portal

Student Clubs & High Unite — high school organizations and opportunities for student leadership


HG PLUS (Parent Level Up Seminars)

Parent Teacher Certification


Access to HG events and
celebrations, Commencement
and Moving Up, Family Fair,
HG's Got Talent*** 


Top-notch Accreditation
Records and Support
Student Insurance
Access to Britannica Online Library

Access to the HG Loyalty Program, including special rates at
the Learning Plus (HG’s online bookstore)
Scholarship opportunities

*Senior High School – Philippine Accreditation is available under the Touch Program only

Frequently Asked Questions

The Touch Program offers an open, customizable curriculum allowing you to pick and choose your child’s books or select from our recommended Bundles.

You play a key role in the success of your child’s learning, especially in a homeschool setup. Homeschool Global will partner with you as you increase your involvement in your child’s learning. Parents and/or guardians are in-charge of leading their child’s learning, and actively communicating with their assigned Advisors. Reporting of grades (quizzes, performance tasks/projects, recitation/participation) is part of your quarterly tasks.

Under the Touch program, you will be getting support from two Advisors. Your Learning Advisor provides academic supervision and support tailored according to your needs. Throughout your homeschool year, your Learning Advisor is here to: help you personalize and customize your child’s curriculum to maximize his/her learning potential; provide you with support ensuring that parents and students are on track with accurate records; offer academic guidance in accordance with their individual educational expertise; and assist you with other academic program services and concerns.

You will also have a dedicated Family Advisor (FA), a seasoned homeschooler herself, who will partner with you through your homeschooling journey. Your FA will support and encourage you every step of the way in your homeschooling journey as well as in setting up initially. She is here to: serve as a counselor, encourager, and resource to turn to for tips and ideas; facilitate quarterly or semi-annual portfolio reviews and provide input on the grades; assist with curriculum decisions, help keep parents and students on track with their homeschool year, and manage recordkeeping; and provide you with biblical counsel, and emotional and practical support throughout the homeschool year.

Grading percentage is 80-20, with 80% done by parents through quizzes, performance tasks, and projects in each subject, while 20% comes from the Portfolio Review conducted by your Advisor.

The Portfolio Review is your child’s quarterly assessment with us. This is a discussion between your child and his/her Advisor where they go through all the important learnings and goals achieved throughout the term. This assessment is for one (1) hour/student (45 minutes with the student and 15 minutes providing feedback to the parent). Each child shall be given a designated Portfolio Review Schedule every Portfolio Month (February, May, August, and November).

To help with your child’s pre-test and post-test is the MobyMax assessment and learning resource which is web-based. Aside from using this tool for your child’s pre- and post-tests, the subscription to MobyMax will include online remedial activities to fix the child’s learning gaps in Math, Language, and Science (with the latter as optional subject that you may add). You are free to access the diverse lessons and manipulatives included in the tool for the whole school year. On the 10th month after your official registration, an email reminder will be sent along with further instructions for your child’s post-test.

Yes, you may hire a tutor to assist with homeschooling. The tutor may undergo the included training programs together with the parent.

HG also offers Online Group Tutorials in Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Social Studies for Grades 1 to 10 students under Touch, Tech – BJU, Tech – AOP, and Online Academy (PH and US accreditation) through the help of professional teachers. Good for one academic year (or 10
months), the tutorial will happen in a group setting wherein your child will join other students of the same grade level. There is a set mini-lesson for 15 minutes, but the majority of the time (35 minutes) is given for students to ask questions via chat while the teacher will discuss
these questions or finish with a check up game or activity if there are no questions.

With the TLC Specialized Developmental Service, families will benefit from the support of a TLC Specialist on top of the comprehensive homeschool guidance they get from their Learning Advisor. This comes with periodic individual and/or group workshops, parent teacher conferences/ consultations, online curriculum or book-based curriculum options, and curriculum modification with specialized academic goal setting.